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Who created Annex SL?

Who Created Annex SL?

Annex SL is a new management system format that streamlines new standards and implements multiple organizations’ criteria. The Annex SL section of the ISO/IEC directive’s part 1 prescribes how the ISO management system standard (MSS) should write. Who created Annex SL?

The Annex SL (otherwise called Annex L in the 2019th release); is a segment of the ISO/IEC Directives section 1 that recommends how ISO Management System Standard (MSS) norms should be composed. Annex SL aims to improve the consistency and alignment of MSS. By giving a bringing together and settled upon a significant level structure; indistinguishable core content and standard terms and core definitions. The point being that all ISO Type A MSS (and B where proper) adjusted and the similarity of these guidelines upgraded.

Before 2012, different norms for management systems written unexpectedly; a few attempts have made since the late 90s to blend the best approach. To compose these yet the primary gathering prevailing to arrive at an understanding the Joint Technical Coordination Group (TCG) set up by ISO/Technical Management Board.

Various technical committees within ISO currently working on revising all MSS published before Annex SL adopted. Many standards are already following Annex SL, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Annex SL is now Annex L, and this is the new 2019 edition. The vision behind this to convert the Annex SL into Annex L is to increase the management system’s alignment and consistency by providing the unifying and agreed upon a high-level structure, identical core text, common terms, and core definitions. Different standards are written in very different ways before 2012. After one group succeeded and reached the agreement, the joint technical coordination group (JTCG) set up by ISO/ Technical management board. To know more review our other articles on Annex L.

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