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What is Responsibility and Authority?

What is Responsibility and Authority?

Authority – ‘Authority’ signifies ‘Lawful or legitimate force, an option to order or act’. Applied to the administrative positions, the force of the better than ordering the subordinate to act or act in a specific way is known as the ‘authority. What is Responsibility and Authority?

Responsibility – It is a commitment of a sub-ordinate to perform appointed obligations. It is constantly reinforced among unrivalled and sub-ordinate. When better dole out any obligation or work than sub-ordinate by his position, it turns into duty concerning sub-ordinate to play out that obligation.

In the accompanying lines, clarification has given:


Chester Barnard has characterized authority as a character of “a request in the casual association by the righteousness of which it acknowledged by the individuals from that association as administering the activity, that is overseeing or figuring out what they are to do or not to do, undoubtedly.”

As indicated by George R. Terry—”Authority is a true and legitimate option to order activity by others and authorize consistency. In this way, authority works out”— (I) by settling on a choice, and (ii) by seeing that they brought out through (a) influence, (b) sanctions, (c) solicitations, and (d) even pressure, limitation or power.


The familiar feeling of the term duty indicates a person’s commitment to do his allotted work sufficiently to the most fantastic aspect of his capacity. Notwithstanding, the task consistently result-situated undoubtedly. From the executives’ perspective, as George R. Terry has put it – ” Responsibility is the commitment of an individual to accomplish the outcomes commonly decided through support by his bosses and himself.”

Since; obligation goes to a person when he acknowledges something essential to perform by him. To accomplish the destinations of a venture is a commitment which the labourer naturally recognises. It is his commitment which proportionates with duty. The prevalent should advise the previous concerning what anticipated to empower the sub-ordinate to play out his obligation well. The delegate should decide unmistakably the undertaking or duty that doled out to the agent.

The obligation should communicate either as far as capacity or regarding goals. On the off chance that sub-ordinate approaches to control a machine’s activity, the responsibility is as far as capacity. However, if one comes to deliver a specific number of bits of an item; the obligation is regarding objective or objective. Assurance of commitments as far as destinations will empower the sub-ordinate to know by what guidelines his presentation will assess.

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