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What is SLCP?

What is SLCP?

A non-benefit multi-partner drive that plans to take out review exhaustion in the attire and footwear industry. SLCP gives the apparatuses and framework a great, tantamount informational collection on working conditions that all industry partners can utilize. This expands openness in supply chains, diminishes the requirement for social assessments and at last allows clients to redirect assets into working on working conditions. What is SLCP?

Why was SLCP set up?

Evidence has shown that social auditing does little to improve working conditions in the apparel & footwear industry. Yet, over the last 20-30 years, there has been a proliferation in social auditing, subjecting manufacturers to repetitive and duplicative, resource-intensive audits multiple times a year. Traditionally, there has been a lack of collaboration across the industry, with companies creating their audit protocols and not sharing findings. SLCP was established to develop a systemic solution to this problem.

What does SLCP do?

SLCP has different partners to make and execute standard tools to condense the time and cash spent on friendly inspecting. SLCP plans to divert reserve funds from evaluating to working on working conditions. SL-CP, through the Converged Assessment Framework, empowers producers to take responsibility for their own social and work information. SL-CP gives a solitary similar informational collection and works with a coordinated effort between partners.

More about CAF

The Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) quantifies working conditions in organizations or firms created by SL-CP signatories. It’s anything but a Data Collection Tool, confirmation approach, and direction records. The CAF brings about an excellent confirmed informational collection that has no worth judgment or scoring. SL-CP assembled a framework to help the execution of the CAF.

This incorporates the Accredited Hosts (AH), existing specialist organizations that can help decipher and score information, map information to Codes of Conduct and figure activity plans. Offices have the unlimited authority to share their SL-CP confirmed information through the Accredited Hosts and the Gateway.

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