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Global Standards is happy to guide about Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – HACCP in a way that can easily be understood. The change is obvious and the same has been applied this time for HACCP standard with concerete impacts. This standard with new formation has value meanings for all the organizations at any kind of scope further to ensure the customer satisfaction.

HACCP – For very essential requirements to food hygiene or preservation of health. It was generally issued very first time to highlight the food safety issues as guidelines. These guidelines are not accredited by any IAF member accreditation council therefore, it best fit ISO 9001 implementation and certification which not mandatory requirement.

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White Paper - HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Hazards Analysis & Critical Control Points
Food Safety System

HACCP is a widely recognized and used product safety management principle in food manufacturing, Processing, treatment and service organizations. Implementation of HACCP is a legislative requirement for the food industry in many countries.

By partnering with a quality management system, the food organization is able to manage the safety of food products under the internationally recognized management system structure. HACCP principles require identification of the critical control points in the manufacturing or service processes and set up of the controls for food safety.

Therefore, it has been developed a technical specification of requirements for an operational HACCP system to be used in conjunction with ISO 9001. These two standards combined are accredited by recognized accreditation that to be used in audit and certification in the food manufacturing and servicing industries.

White Paper - HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


• Achieve consistency of product or service quality and compliance with legal requirements of hygiene
• Formalize Good Working Practices
• Assure satisfaction and added value to customers for food safety
• Reduce costs for quality products & services
• Be internationally recognized as a well-managed organization and business with food
safety controls
• To increase the promotion of product and services through marketing
• Workers know what to do and how
• Better management control
• Attract new customers and markets

The Haccp standard is based on the Principles.

• Principle 1  –  Conduct Hazard analysis
• Principle 2  –  Determine Critical Control Point
• Principle 3  –  Establishing Critical Control Point
• Principle 4  –  Establishing Monitoring Procedure
• Principle 5  –  Establishing Corrective action procedure
• Principle 6  –  Establishing Verification Procedure
• Principle 7  –  Establishing Record keeping Procedure

Global Standards is the firm for the consultancy of quality management system and Haccp integration and has privilege for the effective implementation.

Global Standards’ professional consultants work for clients to ensure the management systems are effectively established, implemented, maintained, and continually improved to meet customers’ growing expectations and legal Statutory requirements for the organization.

© Global Standards. All rights reserverd for this documented information shared for reading purpose only.

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