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Customer Requirements for Second Party Audit at Suppliers’ Working Conditions.

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Global Standards offers the true and factual approach for corporate social responsibility requirements asked by importers or brands knowing the legal and statutory requirements of state.

CSR check at exporters or suppliers locations for working conditions; always remain remarkable signature thorugh brands or importers. A systematic approach towards the requirements of imports or brands lead towards successful outcomes and guraranted business continuity.

©  Global Standards. All rights reserverd for this documented information shared for reading purpose only.

White Paper - COC - Customer Code of Conduct (s)

The customers’ code of conducts of different buyers consist of different requirements time by time formally said to be COC.

These COC are consisted on number of requirements; which vary buyer to buyer or customer to customer.

The most experience and generic requirements of social compliances depending upon the local laws as follows:

● Child labour
● Remuneration (Payment)
● Recruitment (Employment)
● Time management
● Disciplinary actions
● Abuse and harassment
● Health and safety requirements
● Discrimination
● Provision of child and women working conditions

Buyers also require the additional requirements of environment and security along with the above social compliance requirements which are also said to be ‘Ethical Requirements’.

As follows:

Environment Requirements

● Environment policy
● Policy communication
● Policy awareness to the workers
● Waste hazards
● Waste control and handling records
● Awareness of waste control
● Requirement of state related to environment protection

White Paper - COC - Customer Code of Conduct (s)

Buyers require the complete standards of quality requirements; such as:

● Quality policy and objectives
● Quality records
● Quality control and Execution SOPS
● Departmental SOPS
● Quality Equipment Control
● Quality Trainings
● Quality audits
● Quality control Criteria
● Quality Meetings

Importer may have many categorized requirements of social system, quality system, environment & health and safety system that exporters or suppliers has to establish and ensures through second party audit for the compliances of assurance for the continuity of business in terms of shipments.

White Paper - COC - Customer Code of Conduct


● Achieve the customer goals for long term relationships
● To satisfy the product quality to the customer
● Make your own Quality system strong and healthy
● To get continuous dispatches after success of audit.

Global Standards has exposure for those who willing to get their customer audit passed successfully.
How is it so, we do:

● Plan for our clients
● Prepare the documented structure and descriptions
● Path way of implementation
● Central point of working
● Easiest quality work for client for success

Global Standards always wishes to get stheir clients succesfull with hieght of quality and it satisfaction for keep delivery the Products and services to customers or buyers.

© Global Standards. All rights reserverd for this documented information shared for reading purpose only.

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